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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Guba - You & Me

Guba - You & Me

You and me 

Were desperately in love
We're holding grudge 
Instead of hands and trusts
There's no longer "Us"
It's only "You" or else
Well I've swallowed too many jars of lies

Baby, will you step back?
And stand behind me
At once

You and me
Were chasing butterflies
We faked our love
With patterned laughs and lusts
Well this has got to stop now
Let's take our separate paths
Because my love for you
Never existed

Baby, will you step back?
Oh Please just step back!
You'll burn!
I said "please"

Baby, please just step back
But you keep coming back
Oh just get off my back
You'll burn!

You'll burn!

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